Senior Web Performance Developer

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Learning to be a web performance specialist?

Website performance plays a vital role in every business: happy users stay longer, convert better, they buy more and come back more often. From user experience to conversion: a high-performing website can make a difference between growth and revenue loss.

The company specialises in optimising websites for speed and better user experience. We’re looking for developers who like to broaden their scope and help us to improve websites for our clients, instead of only building and writing code. You will be an advocate for web performance and therefore interested in changing the mindset in the companies we help. We train you internally to become a web performance engineer and how to help our clients: a valuable skill to learn. In return, you will help us to develop our services further and expand into Europe.

About the company

The company is a new and young digital agency but with a highly experienced team. We’re a startup within a bigger network of companies, a collective with the best agencies in the Netherlands. The company believes in specialism and excelling in your own field. We do that with more than 350 specialists. At the company we currently offer four different services focused on web performance:

  • Performance audits
  • Tooling and measurement
  • Analysis and consultancy
  • Implementation & culture change

We say ‘currently’ because nothing is set in stone: web performance, the web technology and the market are always evolving. We have an entrepreneurial mindset and like to experiment with our propositions.

Who are you?

We’re looking for senior engineers with technical expertise in web performance who can help guide our clients to be faster. Experience with testing tools and scripting is essential. Each company/client has their own needs when it comes to choosing a testing tool. You should understand the business first before choosing a testing tool based on a variety of factors such as goals, budget, and timeline.

Skills required:

  • You have 5+ years of software engineering experience.
  • You have 2+ years of experience in a role focusing on web performance.
  • Preferably you know how to translate business needs into technical actions and work with clients.
  • You have strong development skills
  • You respectfully challenge your peers and welcome being challenged.
  • Passionate about web performance
  • Familiar with testing tools - RUM & Synthetic
  • Project management skills
  • Knowledge of developer tools - Pagespeed
  • Communicating both technically and at a business level

For more info or to apply now, contact David de Vries:
+31 6 134 60 664